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Cyber Security Headlines

Jan 27, 2023

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This week’s Cyber Security Headlines – Week in Review, January 23-27, is hosted by David Spark with our guest, Kathleen Mullin, CISO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Thanks to our show sponsor, SafeBase

Thanks to our show sponsor, SafeBase

If a prospective customer asked about your trust program or security policies, where would you send them? Chances are, you’d need to send an NDA, hunt down documentation, go back and forth via email, and answer a litany of questions. SafeBase is the better way. SafeBase’s Smart Trust Center allows you to send *one link* to customers or buyers, so they can easily access the security and compliance information they need. Meanwhile, you get more control over who has access to your documents, and for how long. Build customer trust the smart way with SafeBase – learn more at

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