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Cyber Security Headlines

Oct 28, 2022

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This week’s Cyber Security Headlines – Week in Review, October 24-28, is hosted by Rich Stroffolino with our guest, Will Gregorian, former Senior Director, Technology Operations and Security, Rhino

Thanks to this week’s episode sponsor, Votiro

Thanks to this week’s episode sponsor, Votiro

UFOs are everywhere.
They’re in your applications, cloud storage, endpoints, and emails.
That’s right – UFOs – Unidentified File Objects – are hiding in files across your organization. 
UFOs can contain malware that exfiltrates data or deploys ransomware. And 70% of UFOs can’t be detected by traditional scanning solutions like Anti-Virus and Sandboxing. That’s where Votiro comes in. Votiro prevents UFOs before they hitch a ride in on files – without detection, and without slowing down business. Do you believe? Learn more at

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