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Cyber Security Headlines

Aug 5, 2022

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This week’s Cyber Security Headlines – Week in Review, June 6-10, is hosted by Rich Stroffolino with our guest, Yael Nagler, CISO, Walker & Dunlop

Thanks to this week’s sponsor, HYAS


“Did you know a cybersecurity breach doesn’t have to mean that your business is shut down or your data is stolen? Malware, ransomware, data exfiltration: They all report to a command and control infrastructure to receive instructions.

 HYAS’s unrivaled understanding of adversary infrastructure empowers you to cut off threats from their command and control, along with any related infrastructure.  Like that old roach motel, hackers can get in, but they can’t communicate out, rendering their attack worthless. When HYAS has your back, you can proactively prevent attacks from being executed — letting your business keep moving full forward. Visit

All links and the video of this episode can be found on CISO